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King Kong Goes to Rotterdam

Why now King Kong me
Me silent seeker of the Rotterdam of pussycats
Me troubled watcher of St. Orlovsky’s bear
I’m in the ice-bags of tomorrow’s girl
My endless aspirations of Holland won’t save me
I’ve seen the blond girls of Rotterdam copulating
Oblivious of world sorrow
But ecstatic for corduroy trousers

I wear corduroy trousers
Yet I am a billion miles from pigtails

- Shoot Low, Sheriff, They’re Riding Shetland Ponies (Ottawa, 1964)

King Kong Goes To The Shawville Fair

O I went to the Shawville Fair
Hoping to find other Beasties there.
Alas there were none!
But still I had fun
Getting drunk with raccoons
On stale beer.

- The Black Prince of Bank Street (Ottawa, 2007)

A Monster's Travelogue

Concerning King Kong, aspirant Monarch of England, pussy-
footing rogue in Rotterdam & Cabbala Leader in sandy Saudi-Arabia,
as he travels to Tallahassee

BOOM!     BOOM!     BOOM!     BOOM!     BOOM!     BOOM!     BOOM!

Battered & ball-wracked, immense pilgrim snug in his cups of horror,
King Kong with his nowtime fantastic followers:
Saudi-Arabian spiced & dreamy women--
Turtle eggs & weird chants of Cabbala admirers--
Whores from Holland in reluctant tow--
And sad and lonely tuberculosis of England waving a futile Union Jack--
"I arrive like many another before
  Syphilitic on America's shore."

"O Mason-Dixon Line I lie snug below you!
  O bayou hiding places!
  Plans of conquest! The crackers with their ears filled with dirty wisdom!
  Black-skinned memories of Mau Mau!
  Sad gentlemen in wicked wicked Virginia!
  And a final plowhorse of Tallahassee with leather eyes,
  Suspicious of Alabama & Louisiana!"

"Whole political systems based on the words of Uncle Wiggly!
  My childhood monster hero!
  I have come to absorb you!
  Damns that are dams of overflowing milk!
  The ultimate kindness of abolished zoos!
  Texas Texas Texas!
  I tell you Tallahassee the smell of female sweat is sweeter than that
  of juniper or magnolia
  And you will never be a New Orleans!"

- Dancing Alone: Selected Poems 1960-1990 (Broken Jaw Press, 2005)

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