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My Next to Last Great Love
   (Apologies to Robt. Browning)

There she is, my next to last great love,
Her photo, showing cleavage, wallpaper on my computer screen.
I know now, but could not have earlier foreseen, that dream-
Like quality her eyes contain, her lustrous hair & above
All else the passion she aroused by her glance,
Her heaving bosom & languid sighs held me entranced, & still do,
If the truth is to be told,
As I grow old

- ottawater #7 ( Ottawa, 2011)

In Memoriam
         Sandra Jane Sutcliffe

Received this photo…you
resplendent in your beauty.
Looking down, a slight smile
beginning at the corners of your
mouth. Beauty never
left you, you glowed defiant,
beyond skin & bone, beyond cancer,
beyond language.

Could never capture you with
mere words & now
you have gone.
You must take my love with you!


King Kong Meets Godzilla

From primordial depths, from God knows what muck,
His hideous form slumbered, or was simply stuck.
As me & mine swung from trees, grabbing fruit
Whilst I grew & grew into a hairy brute.

Was it man's bombs made the sea's floor break?
& did that cause Godzilla to awake?
As surely as they slotted me into a cage,
Inciting King Kong's murderous rage.

So now we both monsters must hide
In furtive dank places on earth's seamy side,
Where waters do flow but are seldom clean,
And a better life comes only when we dream.

Ottawa: above/ground press broadside #318, 2013

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