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Constance Maureen

Thing of beauty
Nothing is forever,
I’ve seen so much sizzle fade,
But my love for you will never
Be enticed to degrade
Until forever is nothing,
And beauty a thing.

Birthday Poem

I used to be a star
And when I came out at night
Folks would gather round
And say, my God his light is bright.

But then my light faded
And things are not the same
When I come out at night
They say: what the fuck’s his name?

Maybe somebody will email

Maybe somebody will email
A lonely old man
Who remembers what he wants
And forgets what he can.

Or some sweet thing from the past
Will call & recall things  too good to last.
A day of sunshine, full of love,
Ending with dark clouds roiling above.

Another Day
For Marilyn

Nearly, no let us say every
Day when I think of you,
Hoping you stay well,
For you enclose my old
Man love/lust in your shoulders, in your arms,
Your total, actual being.

As Jesus said if lustily looking
You become, commit & remain, as
I am, adulterously yours
Darling girl.

I’ll see you in my schemes.


As I have trickled out
From a genetic stream of
Purse proud Presbyterians,
Only now falling on dry, hard ground
Among ethnically diverse
Impoverished puritans whose beliefs
Beggar description,
& even comprehension
By the likes of me,

I start to imbibe & little earlier
Each passing day…

March Aubade

Not much of a dawn to sing about, mist punctuated 
By rain, shrinking snow showing desperate grass patches;
But the birds are full of song, building nests, or
Whatever. April will be better.

May, the pregnant month, will have me singing
Along with the birds, maybe climbing trees, peering into nests,
Channeling the squirrel within,
The lout without,
Coaxing tulips out of the ground:
An All Canadian pain in the ass.

Sailing Along
Lower Bedque, PEI.

The dark night
On Bedque Bay—no
Fireflies nor raccoons
(Visually or audibly)
To accompany the
Lonely vigil
Of this twisted perceiver
Who channels
Hummingbirds not
Creatures of the night
At all.

Ecumenical failure.

- The Black Prince of Bank Street (above/ground press, Ottawa, 2007)

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