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Obituary and eulogies

HAWKINS, William Alfred, 1940 - 2016 - obituary

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A cairn for WM Hawkins by Zach Wells

Song written and performed by my father William Hawkins May 20, 1940 - July 4, 2016 by Cassandra Hawkins

Honouring poet and songwriter, William Hawkins with Janis Lockwood

King Kong Goes to Parliament Hill

for William Hawkins,

When you were young and in your prime,

a battle of wills between you and Trudeau, Laurier LaPierre,
the American National Guard. Deflecting gains

from Empire State.

No flies on you, who once kicked dust from ancient tavern floors,
played Lowertown games of telephone and poems, walked

French Catholic blocks, tracked Sol's sundial jaunt

across Sisters of Mercy. Now, you labour atop Peace Tower's peak,
seemingly invisible.

Remain there long enough to count the strands of traffic
bridge the river Grand, now seven deep,

criss-crossing Chaudiere's diminished boil.

rob mclennan, Centretown Nonsense

King Kong Tribute to William Hawkins

king kong on the waterfront

loses track of high points; towers,
cgi containment, the CN Tower

a tired cliché, & oh-so done

lift your head up, eighteenth-century brick
a crumble of beach sand, waves

& water, water everywhere,
not a drop to drink

rob mclennan, CN Tower Open Book Toronto

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